• Real-Life Experience: Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Ever wondered exactly what it’s like to get your wisdom teeth removed? Unfortunately, it’s something you can’t really experience until you go in to get yours out for yourself. Fortunately, though, you can learn from the experiences of other people.

    Earlier this year, UAOMS invited people in Utah to submit a nomination for a special person who would have his or her wisdom teeth removed at no expense. Nominees were selected and doctors who are members of UAOMS donated their time to complete the procedures.

    In the end, three people were selected to have their wisdom tooth removed: Ashley Anderson of Sunset, Becca Ashby of Logan, and Bractn Williams of Provo. They were interviewed to answer questions such as:

    • Will I be comfortable during my procedure?
    • What will the surgery be like?
    • How will recovery from the removal be?
    • When will I be back to normal?

    Want to see how their procedure and recovery went? Press play to hear about their experience in their own words.


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