What Are Free Spins In Slot Machines, How To Get Them

One of the types of casino bonuses are free spins. Free spins are free spins of slot machines. Bets in slot machines are given directly by the casino administration, and in case of success, the winnings go to the winner’s balance. As a rule, gift spins are presented to the user as a bonus from the casino victory111.

Free spins can be used only in video slots and slot machines , they cannot be withdrawn to the balance or from the game. The only thing you can do with them is to spend in the slot machines. But this is quite enough, because the bets are made by the casino, and the spin of the reels itself is completely free and gives a chance to get real money at https://www.vic996.com/my/en-us/.

How free spins are given

How to get free spins at the casino? There are several ways to do this.

Gift from the game administration

Everything is simple here – you have registered, received, played and there are no more free spins. Or, if you are lucky, you can get real money instead of virtual chips.


If, while playing on the slot machines, a winning combination or a line of identical symbols appears, you will get some more free spins.

For replenishment of the balance, purchases of various statuses

Top up your balance? Have you bought a VIP status? The casino will not leave such things aside and will award you bonuses. In addition to free spins, they may include cashbacks, promo codes and similar bonuses.


It’s no secret that online casinos often hold various promotions, for example, in honor of holidays, registration of the n … th client, the birthday of the establishment or its anniversary. At such moments, casino owners can launch promotions in which you can win various bonuses, including free spins.

Tournaments and lotteries

Take part in tournaments, win, take prizes – and the bonus in the form of free spins will not be long in coming. For a good prize, you can get a decent reward with free spins. This is not 10 or even 100, we can talk about thousands of free spins.

Features of free spins

These bonuses, like any others, are tightly controlled by the casino. In order to be able to take advantage of free spins, the player will have to carefully monitor what requirements the casino sets:

  1. Place bets in a certain number of times exceeding the amount of the winnings won using free spins. This condition is called a wager and is denoted like this – 30x, where x is the number of winnings, and instead of the number 30, there can be any number set by the casino.
  2. Use free spins for a certain period, otherwise they will “burn”. The validity period of the gift can be viewed in the player’s personal account.
  3. A specific set of slot machines for playing with free spins. The casino establishes a list of machines where you can use free spins.
  4. Limited maximum bet. The bet a gambler can make is limited. This is done so that the player cannot win too large amounts.

Advantages and disadvantages of free spins


  • The bonus does not require real investments;
  • You can win real money without spending yours;
  • Simple issue immediately upon registration.


  • To withdraw the winnings, you need to complete the wager;
  • Limited list of slot machines;
  • Limited bet size;
  • A small amount of a gift.

In conclusion

So, free spins are one of the main casino bonuses and are issued either upon registration or during further gaming actions. Despite the existence of various conditions for their wagering and strict control by the casino, they are still free. This means that you should not give up such a chance – after all, in any case, you do not risk anything using free spins.


How To Calculate Winnings In Slot Machines Correctly

The overwhelming majority of slot machine players have no idea about the peculiarities of the meanings of these 1bet2u games and how the occurrence of certain combinations on the reel affects the final winnings. Below we will tell you about the features of calculating winnings in slot machines from various manufacturers .

Slots with 243 lines

The winning amount in such slot machines depends on a number of factors:

  1. The number of scattered symbols scattered on the playing field. The more symbols you have, the higher your winnings. Two symbols on the playing field – wagering the bet. You can calculate the multiplications in slots as follows (with a base rate of 30 rubles): 3 symbols – a win of 250 rubles, 4 symbols – 600 rubles, maximum 5 symbols – 6000 rubles.
  2. Basic images. The more basic portraits on the field, the higher the winning amount. With a bet of 30 rubles for the maximum 5 symbols on the playing field, you can get 500 rubles to the account.
  3. The main symbol of the machine (wild symbol). For each symbol on the field, a certain amount is credited to the game account, while the symbol also acts as a multiplier. If there are 5 basic images and one machine symbol on the field, the prize will be not 500, but 1000 rubles.

The size of the final win varies depending on the size of the initial bet. You can get acquainted with the changes using special tables that are attached to the slot.

Linear slot machines

Counting winnings in linear slots is no more difficult than in the previously described category of machines. The only condition is that the paytable does not change its values ​​even with an increase in the size of the bet.

Calculation of winnings on the example of the slot Creature from the Black Lagoon

In the machine , the image of Kay’s girl is the most valuable. If at least one of the paylines appears during scrolling three such images, 25 coins are automatically credited to the player’s account, 250 coins are credited for 4 symbols on the field, and 600 coins for the maximum number (5 images on the reels).

The appearance of “wild” symbols on the playing field promises an increase in the size of the win by two times. Unlike non-linear machines, wild symbols are not counted independently on the field without other bonuses.

It is most convenient to count multiplications in slots using special tables, the values ​​in them change depending on the user’s bet. The more winning combinations in one spin appear on the machine, the higher the final winning amount will be.


How To Play Face Up Blackjack Correctly

In the normal version of the game, the dealer has one of the cards face down until the showdown, so you do not know how many points he has collected. What is face- to- face blackjack ? This is when you see both dealer cards at once. This rule greatly increases your chances of winning. As a result, the possible winnings are usually less. In the event of a tie, the dealer is declared the winner.

How to play face-to-face blackjack

  1. The dealer deals alternately 2 cards to himself and to the player.
  2. When a player thinks that he needs additional cards, he can request them one by one.
  3. The dealer takes cards for himself until he has less than 17 points in his hands.
  4. Participants reveal their cards.
  5. The winner is the one with the total more points, but less than 22.

Points values: cards (jack, king, queen) – 10, from two to ten – according to the face value (2 – 10), ace – 1 or 11 (depending on the second card).

How to play face-up blackjack correctly

The game involves 6 full decks, of which one is formed, with the size of 312 cards. It is placed in the dispensing shoe, and then trimmed with a dividing card.

If, after the deal, one of the participants of the party has an ace and a card with ten eyes, then this situation is called “blackjack”. The appearance of this combination at the dealer immediately stops the game. When a player hits blackjack , it pays 1 to 1. Insurance is not accepted. If the casino employee and the player get blackjack at the same time, the latter is still paid the winnings.

Open blackjack, features of the game

It often happens that after the initial hand the dealer has 17 points or a little more. In such a situation, he will definitely not take cards further, and you can safely take as many more as you need.

It is also worth noting that if the player has blackjack, but the dealer does not have it, then the move is passed to the player. You can double your bet only if you have 2 cards in your hand. But you can’t raise on a soft pair with an ace.

When there are two equal cards on the box, the player can split the pair into 2 hands, and then the game continues according to exactly the same rules as in one-deck blackjack. But the croupier’s move is passed after the game ends on all boxes.